Natural Hair Routine (for long thick hair)

Most people don’t think about the things we put in and/or on our bodies. We don’t think about what we put in our hair, how it can affect it, or what the products are made from.

Most hair care products (really any beauty products) are made with ingredients that most people can’t even read. It is rare for me to read the back of a bottle and know half of the ingredients, much less all of them. The irony is that when I can read all of the ingredients in a product it is usually better for my hair versus when I don’t know the ingredients.

It has taken me a really long time to get a set routine for my hair and know what it needs to stay healthy. Even now I do not have a set schedule I can tell you, but it is a lot more put together than it used to be. Before I really started the research in hair care my hair routine basically consisted of whatever shampoo and conditioner were in my shower.

Now that I know what hair needs I have found products and recipes that can keep it looking healthier!

My hair type is SUPER thick and will turn into one big dreadlock the second I don’t brush it. I have kept my hair as long as it will grow for most of my life, never got it colored, and rarely used heat on it (blow-dried, hair straightener, etc.).

so here is my hair care routine from very thick dark brown hair!


  • I do wash my hair almost every time I shower because if I don’t then I will not be able to brush it. That being said I do not shower every day (maybe two-three times a week- I know I’m a hippie)
  • what I use in the shower:
    • Shampoo & conditioner bar (let me tell you, if my thick hair can be brushed after using one then yours can to!)
  • occasionally in the shower:
    • maybe once a week if my hair feels very greasy then I will balance my pH level.

Hair rinse recipe (to balance pH): (very approximately) 1 tbsp vinegar (apple cider vinegar or kombucha vinegar) & 1 cup water. *you could also infuse the vinegar with herbs that are good for your hair

After shower:

  • I usually add some oil to my hair if it feels a little dry (which is most of the time). I will add it in while my hair is still damp but not dripping water.
    • oils I like to use: argon, avocado, jojoba, olive, infused oil

Infused oil recipe: *plants- rosemary, peppermint, horsetail, lavender, burdock, nettle *oils- avocado, coconut, sunflower, carrot, sweet almond, olive, argon *put your plants in a jar and then pour over your oil (making sure all the plant material is covered. Let sit for 2-4 weeks (the longer the more the oil will extract the plant benefits). I keep mine near the wood stove in the winter because the heat also helps draw out medicinal properties as well!

(sometimes) Before shower

  • As often as I can I will comb out my hair (with a wooden comb) before I get in the shower. It is typically easier (and better for your hair because it will break less) when your hair is dry versus wet. wooden combs versus brushes are also said to be healthier for your hair because it is more like getting the tangles out rather then pulling the knotted hair out. Lastly I have come to a point where I generally do not brush my hair unless it is before or after a shower.
  • If my hair is really dry I may deep condition by putting in a good amount of oil and leaving it in all night or at least a few hours before my shower. To get even more of a benefit to the oils you could wrap your hair in a warm towel. If I am deep conditioning my hair I will usually also do an vinegar hair rinse to balance my pH again.
lots of love,

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