1 year, 12 months, 24 letters…

I am ready to take action!

This year, 2020, I am on a mission to send out letters to people, organizations, or companies about making the world a better place. Two letters a month (at least), leading to twenty-four letters to all different places.

Half of these letters I write may go to a local restaurant near me asking to not use styrofoam take-out containers, but a more environmentally friendly alternative. Or a letter could go to a bigger company like Dottera asking why they are not sustainably harvest Hawaiian sandalwood.

I do not wish for these letters to be me telling people that they are doing things “wrong” and need to be better because I say so. I hope that these letters are able to come across as someone just trying to help. I want to help people come up with solutions to the problem not just address it and then leave.

You need balance, for every letter I send about how we can do better I will send a letter to ones who are doing their best on projects to help the environment, our people, plants, or the animals.

The second half of the letters will also be going to a person, organization, or company. These twelve will be letters of gratitude, encouragement, and love. Going out to simply say that you are doing an amazing job and to keep up the good work!

Lets make 2020 a year of good deeds, love, positivity, and greatness! 🙂



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