how to make a ginger bug

What is a ginger bug?

A ginger bug is a colony of wild yeast and beneficial bacteria that feed off of sugar. It acts similar to any fermented product such as kombucha and sourdough. Like any other mother culture (the colony of wild and beneficial bacteria and yeast growing together) it needs food. Ginger bugs are used to make natural soda and other fizzy beverages. Not only does it taste good but its good for you. Any fermented product is good for you because it feeds and nourishes your gut with providing healthy bacteria and yeast. If you do not like kombucha (or if you do) you can drink the ginger bug because it has a lot of the same benefits

It is incredibly easy to make a ginger bug and it only takes a few ingredients


  • ginger acts as a natural flavorer and brings in bacteria for the fermentation process.


  • the sugar is what feeds the wild bacteria, which then causes the bubbles.


  • water is the base of the ginger bug.


  • ginger (preferably organic, so that there is already some nature bacteria)
  • sugar (preferably organic)
  • water (without any chemicals like chlorine, so that it doesn’t kill the bacteria and yeast)


  1. find a clean jar that has a lid.
  2. chop up the ginger into small cubes (about 1×1 cm). If you have organic ginger then you can just leave the skin on, but if it is not organic it would be best to peel it before chopping.
  3. fill jar about 2/3-3/4 full of ginger root.
  4. add 2-3 tbsp of brown sugar and top it off with water.
  5. put the lid on the jar and give it a good shake to mix the sugar.
  6. don’t forget to label. Make our to put the date and what it is on the label.
  7. take the lid off let jar sit out to collect wild yeast and beneficial bacteria for the night.
  8. the next day you will need to feed it. Pour off a about a 1/4 of the liquid and then add another tbsp or two of sugar and top off with water.
  9. close the lid and let sit over night.
  10. repeat the feeding process everyday until you see bubbles (about a week).
  11. when you make a drink pour some of the ginger bug in but make sure to leave some in the jar because that will be your mother ginger bug.
  12. ENJOY!

you can also check out our video on how to make it:

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