A Man’s Natural Hair Care Routine


I dunked my hair in the cold sink water for the third time that morning, re-styling with the help of a comb and a bottle of a basic store-brand gel, hoping that I would finally be satisfied with my look for that day: this was an average morning before school for me throughout my teenage years. I know this may seem odd for a guy, but ever since I can remember, I’ve been self-conscious of my head of hair. My hair is super thick and dry with loose curls; I never really knew how to style and take care of it. I have tried all of the above when it comes to hair care: from chemical-filled, cheap sets of shampoo and conditioner to the highest of quality hair care products given to me by my barber. Now, being 20 years old, I have finally found what works for me. Although it may be a bit odd and different way to take care of hair, it is what suits me best, and I want to share my experience with people struggling with their hair or looking for a new, natural way to care for their hair.