2020 was a crazy, to say the least, year for everyone. So much happened it felt as if multiple years were put into one! I can not believe its over, but yet it felt like a lifetime went by.

2021 how are you gonna treat us?

For so many years in the past I have started the new year with a piece of paper that had so many goals and resolutions for the year to come. That came to not be the case this year… partly I will admit to lack of time, but for the most part I decided to leave this year up for interpretation! I fresh start with no straight path, no set road to follow. Just a deer trail through the woods…

I have so much I want to get done and explore this year, but nothing I want to write down. This year I am not having any expectations, simply letting it lead me, seeing how much I can do.

I will say that we hope to put a lot more time into Untamed Medicine this year. Hope you join our journey and follow along with our blog and/or Instagram. We are constantly learning and growing and we wish to share this knowledge and our passions with all of you!


Untamed Medicine <3

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