New Year… New Love <3


WOW people 2020. Don’t know about everyone, but most feel like its a big deal!

New decade, new year, new adventures, new opportunities, new goals (I know most of these apply to every new year besides it being a new decade).

For a few years now when the new year comes I always put something along the lines of “work out” on my New Years resolution as a way of “self love”. Not that working out isn’t one of the many ways to love your self but I realized I was going about it the wrong way.

Though I did not say it out loud in my head I was wanting to workout to get my body to a state where I could love it. When I should of been working out because I love my body.

There are some dresses where I find my self sucking in my stomach without even realizing it because its just an automatic response I have when I don’t feel comfortable in something that hugs my curves.

There are people where you wish you could have their bodies, but yet they have a different image of what they want their bodies to look like and it keeps going in a circle.

No matter what there will be moments of “why are my fingers so big” or “wow I really wish my bones were not pronounce here” or “I wish my stomach was flat” we are never “perfect” even if we are always putting a picture to what perfect means.

This year I am seriously going to work towards self love. It is so much easier said then done, because we are constantly criticizing our selves whether we are aware of it or not. It is a working progress that I am ready to start. This does not mean that I am going to be doing extreme workouts all the time to love my self. This does not mean that I’m not going to workout or do yoga. To me this meant I am going to work towards being positive about my self image, not for others but for myself!

Love YOUR self <3

lots of love, Isabella

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