My 17 year old self goals…


this year (2019) I turned 17! 

self love:

a big one that so many of us are working on. We need to pamper our selves if we want to be better for others, we need to love our selves if we want a good life, we need to care for our selves if we want to live our lives to the fullest. Self love can mean so many things. From a long run to a nice bath. This year I am focusing on self love and how to put my own priorities before others so I can be the best I can!

Mother Earth:

I don’t want to be a taker, I want to be a giver. I don’t eat to take take take from the earth, I want to give for all it gives to us. By being more conscious with what I buy, eat, and do.

be an example:

For the longest time I stayed off any and all social media platforms to stay as “incident” I guess you can say as possible. There is so much of both good and bad out in the world, so it was a little over whelming (and still is) to be apart of. Now that I have been on social media for a little while I have learned how to put myself out into the world and speak up on the issues I think need to be heard. We are so lucky to be in a day in age where we have social media to share with the world, of course there are pros and cons. This year I am going to really work on being the best example I can for the world. Putting myself out onto social media can be a big thing when you have so many people who can be influenced by you.


for this is going to be the year of yoga! This goal is also a piece of self love. I have grown up knowing what yoga is, doing yoga, learning yoga. So this year I want to really practice yoga and just do at least three minutes a day.


Isabella <3

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