My 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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There are many reasons to start a juice cleanse. Maybe you want to get your diet back on track, cleanse your body, heal your self, or just start a fresh new year (like me 🙂 ).

*Disclaimer: everyone is different. On my juice cleanse I did not drink very much and I would recommend drinking a lot more. My juicing journal is simply just to tell you all what I did, but not what you should do. Our bodies are different so listen to what yours needs.*

Liquid Greens: kale, spinach, ginger, citrus
Classic: carrot, celery, ginger, apple

Juicing can have many benefits on its own. It is a way to get the most nutrients out of the plant or fruit including the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, etc. It is also easier on our bodies because without the fiber it doesn’t have to work so hard breaking the food down. Not only is it easier to get the nutrients from the plants, but we get it quicker. We are able to receive the nutrient benefits much faster. Juices (homemade without all of the added sugar and dyes) are also a good way to stay hydrated, not as a substitute for water, but an addition. That being said when you juice you are extracting the fiber’s from the plant so it is good to cleanse your gut but not if you are someone who needs a lot of fiber in their diet.

The main benefits of a juice cleanse is to:

  • heal your body
  • get your digestion back on track
  • strengthen your immune system
  • detox your body

A juice cleanse is a commitment! You can do a one day cleanse or a seven day cleanse, it really depends on your body. The most common one is probably a three day juice cleanse. It is not too long but still gives your body the time it needs to heal and get back on track. Having your own juicer is a huge bonus, but there are also companies that you can order from specifically to cleanse (just make sure they are a good company with good products). Before starting the cleanse, I found myself almost shoving food into my mouth without even knowing because it was such a habit. But at the end I managed to break the habit of constant eating and created a new habit of setting limits to what and how much I eat.

Pre and post cleanse: What you do and eat before and after a cleanse is just as important. You want your body to be ready before you take out everything except for liquid fruit and veggies from your diet. A few days before you start to cleanse take out things like animal products, sugary drinks, foods that are harder to break down, and products/meals that contain a lot of oil out of your diet. Start consuming more fruits, veggies, and fermented foods to prepare your body.

When you are done with your cleanse, it is a good rule of thumb to give your body the same amount of days that you were on the cleanse to get off of it. For a three day cleanse, take three days after to ease back into a regular diet. Start with adding in whole fruits, veggies, smoothies and light salads the first day. The next day you could move more into nuts and seeds, heavier salads, and soup. By the third day you should be pretty good to go, best to add animal products back in slowly, but make sure to really listen to your body.

Journal and goal: It is nice to keep a journal to know what is best for you and know what’s going on in your body. A good goal for a cleanse like this is to tell yourself that you are going to eat healthier than before (whatever that means for you). Really pay attention to your body during the cleanse and notice what it may need. Maybe you notice you have not been drinking enough water or you notice that you need more dark greens in your diet.

My 3 day cleanse journal:

Red Magic:
beetroot, beet leaves, strawberries, raspberries

day 1: I made two juices for the day: classic and liquid greens. My first day was pretty mellow, just a day at the library. I was surprisingly not that hungry so I only had the two juices along with water. I did wake up that morning a little late, resulting in a less hungry stomach. Later in the day, I did not feel in the mood for juice, so I finished out the day with some organic coconut water.

Orange Goddess:
carrot, grapefruit, papaya, ginger

day 2: My second day I did a little more work, which included cleaning the house and doing some plant work. Throughout the day, I had yellow gold, red magic, and orange goddess along with water. I was still not starving but hungry enough to have a pear and banana later to get me through the night.

Yellow Gold:
banana, pear, apple, lemon

day 3: When I woke up, I had some shiitake tea. I later had a orange goddess and some red magic. On my way to school at around 1:30 we stoped by a café near by and I got a cleansing juice. To get me through the rest of my long day (I had classes till 9:30pm) I had coconut water, a banana, pear, and of course, water.

Rich Greens:
kiwi, celery, cucumber, kale

day 4 (day after cleanse): Once you get to day 3 you think about how crazy it is that you got through three days without solid food. After a few days, I started to think about if I could do four, five, or ten days of cleansing. The night was really the hardest to get through. I would be laying in my bed, wishing I could run upstairs and grab a slice of bread covered in butter. But when the morning came I was fine.

What I Have Learned:

  • food is taken for granted
  • we need more water in our systems
  • you can’t juice random things and have it taste great
  • I have never loved coconut water so much
  • I don’t recommend taking a hot bath when on a juice cleanse (maybe its just me)
  • if you try and commit you can do it!!

Goals Post Cleanse:

  • Food testing (before I eat whatever I want I am going to slowly add things back into my diet to see how they affect me and how I react).
  • More cautious about my food choices (after cleansing I know I can say no to foods that are not good for my body even though I want them).
  • Cruelty-free (cruelty-free lifestyle and why)
  • Exercise (a goal of mine is to exercise more this may be a run, going to the gym, or yoga).
  • Drink more water (this I a goal that can be worked on all the time).

Untamed Medicine, Isabella

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