My Favorite Cruelty-free Products (to name a few)

Ethical Practices

I have a whole post about why go cruelty-free, so in this post I want to share some of the products that I know of and I feel have a good (or at least much better than most) impact on the earth, animals, and people.

There really are a lot of companies out there trying to make a difference but some times because the products are so expensive or not in store. There are so many other companies that are harmful to world and sell their products for wicked cheap. So when we compare prices of ethical, eco-friendly, and fair-trade products we get a little turned off. But if you think about it that money is actually going to the people who made it, and they are not being thrown to the curb with terrible pay. The people, animals, and environment are all being treated well and its a win for everyone! So next time you buy a shirt, toothpaste, soap, or food think about where and who your money is going to, and try your best to pick the right cause.

Not only are there good companies out there but there are some pretty cool apps that can help you make the right choices.

“Good On You” is a clothing app that shows you different companies impact on the world, how they treat the workers, and the animals.

“Think Dirty” is an app that tells you about the ingredients in personal care items. Shows you what companies are better them others.

these two apps are really pretty awesome and help to make choices that you can feel good about!

cruelty-free clothing companies:

People Tree

Truth Alone

Monkee Genes

Indigo Luna




cruelty-free personal care items (beauty, first aid, toiletries, etc.):

Dr. Bronner’s

Burns Bees

Fat and the Moon

Equinox Botanicals

list of safe personal care products

cruelty-free food:

Sweet Maria’s


Natures Path

Untamed Medicine, Isabella

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